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Are you embarrassed to smile in photos? Are your missing teeth keeping you from enjoying your favorite foods? Do you want to regain your beautiful, healthy smile but don't know where to start? Let us help you smile with confidence again! Call today to schedule your complimentary denture or dental implant consultation, including an exam and any necessary x-rays. A $250+ value. (ADA Dental Code: D0140)

Close up Happy Middle Age Blond Woman, Wearing Eyeglasses, with a healthy smile from dental implantsDental implants are a very reliable, often permanent solution for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. These artificial teeth are made of a titanium "root" and an attached dental restoration, such as a dental crown. Titanium is highly biocompatible. The body accepts it easily and develops new jaw bone to secure it in place, restoring bone density previously diminished by tooth loss.

Due to their 30 plus year history and excellent track record, implants are the tooth replacement option most often used today to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. Implants are extremely safe and effective. Dr. Miller works closely with his surgeons who perform the implant placement. After surgery, we then carefully place the implant supported restoration—such as a crown, bridge, or denture—on the new implants.

Do They Look Like Real Teeth?

before and after of woman with dental implantsRestored dental implants are the next best thing to your natural teeth. They provide a strong, solid replacement and look and feel very natural. They allow for normal speaking and eating, and can last for a lifetime.

Due to their versatile design, dental implants can also be used to replace missing front teeth. In conjunction with replacing missing bone and surrounding gum tissue, implants in the front of your mouth can restore the natural appearance of your smile. The management of the soft tissues surrounding the implant makes or breaks the natural appearance of the replacement crowns. In more complex cases we can utilize natural gum colored porcelain to help mask larger defects and help make the teeth appear to be a more natural length.

Single Tooth Crowns

With a single implant and crown, you can replace a stand-alone tooth without the need of a fixed dental bridge. The new “tooth” stands independently from all the teeth adjacent to it.

Plus, it’s just as easy to care for as if it were a natural tooth.

Multi-Tooth Implant Bridges

If you prefer to avoid wearing a removable partial denture, then an implant supported bridge is a perfect solution. Implants can support the weight of several teeth and are very strong.

You can replace as many as four or five missing teeth with just two or three implants!

Implant Supported Overdentures

before and after of lower bar One of the most incredible uses of implants is to secure a partial or complete denture in place.The denture snaps in and won't slip out when you eat and speak. Yet, you can still remove your denture at the end of the day for easy home care.

Best of all, you won't have to deal with any messy adhesives or pastes!

Hybrid Restorations

This alternative to a full denture is like an extended bridge, with no “plate” covering the roof of the mouth. Plus, it is made to be used for many years without being removed (except by Dr. Miller), so you never need to take your teeth out before bedtime or risk embarrassing moments around loved ones or acquaintances.

Interested in Getting Implants?

We work with a sophisticated group of surgeons in the area and can sometimes provide a temporary crown or prosthesis on the same day or day after your surgery. A permanent restoration will be delivered after 3 to 4 months of healing and new bone development around the implant.

Our doctor is very skilled in restoring dental implants and is able to help you determine if this treatment is right for you. For more information on dental implants or if you wish to schedule a consultation, please be sure to call our office.

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