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Pediatric Dentist Treating Wellington, FL Children

At Steven M. Miller, DDS, we recommend following the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s recommendation of having your child see a dentist early on for a first “check up.”

This early visit helps us achieve a few very important factors:

  • The first visit isn’t “scary” or associated with “pain” due to an emergency. Rather, it is fun and preventive in nature.
  • Monitoring early oral development allows us to intervene before more problematic (or expensive) issues arise.
  • Your child develops a positive relationship with our oral health team and can look forward to future visits. We work at your child’s pace!
  • We’re able to bypass common dental concerns, such as cavities and orthodontic problems. That way, your child doesn’t have to experience unnecessary treatment or discomfort.
  • We work closely with parents, grandparents, and caregivers to educate you and your child on making smart dietary choices and oral hygiene habits that set your child up for a lifetime of healthy teeth.
  • At the conclusion of their appointment, young children get a beanie baby, a balloon, and something from the toy chest!

Your Child's First Visit

Dr. Miller and his staff love to care for kids. In most cases our youngest patients start at age two for their first “fun” visit with us. During this meet and greet appointment, we provide parents with essential information related to the care of their child’s teeth.

In some cases we can also, when allowed, get some or all the teeth polished. The first visit is critical and needs to be done in a non-threatening way. Children are offered a stuffed animal and balloon upon the end of their first visit and are also welcome to take a small toy out of the treasure chest every dental visit.

Common Dental Problems in Children

twin girls smiling from a good visit to the dentist for kids a Wellington SmilesWhat are some of the things that we’re looking for when we see your child for a checkup and cleaning?

Early Decay — “Baby” (primary) teeth decay far more quickly than adult teeth do. This can allow the cavity or abscessed tooth to spread infection to developing teeth underneath. If we spot a cavity during an exam or on an x-ray, we will recommend treating it quickly with a small white filling. If the cavity is larger, we may recommend a crown or pulp treatment.

Crowded Teeth — Oral development as a child can impact speech patterns and developing adult teeth. As part of our examination and x-ray process, children receive an orthodontic evaluation so that early phases of treatment can be started if appropriate.

Prematurely Missing Teeth — Did you know that pulling a baby tooth before its ready can change the way adult teeth erupt into the mouth? Our goal is to help baby teeth stay healthy and in place for as long as nature intended.

Deep Grooves — The deep pits and grooves in the chewing surfaces of teeth can be hard to keep clean. Fortunately, protective sealants can block out cavity-causing bacteria and make brushing more efficient. They take only a few minutes to apply!

Weak Enamel — Fluoride treatments make tooth enamel more resistant against everyday acids and bacteria, encouraging healthy smile development. It’s also an important part of oral care during orthodontic treatment!

Keeping Children Comfortable

Our Wellington family dental team has plenty of experience helping children feel comfortable and confident during their visit. Please avoid the use of words like “hurt,” “shot,” or anything else that could have a negative connotation (even if it’s something you’re telling them won’t happen.) We’ll use child-friendly “lingo” to make the process as smooth as possible.

Call us to schedule your kids next visit, or first visit and see how much fun they will have at the dentist.

At Steven M. Miller, DDS, we offer entire family dental services and work to correlate appointments in a way that puts the least strain on your personal schedule. Contact us today to book your family’s next visit!

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